Plant City Criminal Records Sealed & Expunged

Seal or Expunge Your Criminal Record

Protect Your Most Important Asset - Your Good Name

In this age of modern technology, any person with a computer or even a smart phone can go to the website for the clerk of court or sheriff's office where the arrest occurred. From those websites, anyone who can surf the web can simply type in your name to read embarrassing details of your arrest, see your mug shot, and the resolution of your case. Just imagine how great it would be to regain the privacy you had, prior to the arrest.

What is the benefit of having my Florida criminal record sealed or expunged?

Job applications typically ask if you have been arrested or entered a plea to a criminal offense. Florida law generally allows you to LEGALLY DENY an arrest (and any other related criminal history) that was sealed or expunged ! Just imagine how much easier it would be to look for a new job if you knew that you could legally deny your prior arrest (and any other related criminal history). Finding a new job is tougher now than it has even been, especially for young people just starting out in life. Why not have every fair advantage when job hunting?

I did an MIP or PTI program. Did I get automatic sealing/expunging?

No. Even if you participated and successfully completed an MIP or PTI program, or some other pre-trial diversion program, your criminal history is still freely available for anyone with a computer or even a smart phone to look at. The sealing/expunging process is completely separate from the MIP or PTI program.

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