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A stepparent may adopt his or her spouse's child with the current spouse's consent and the consent of the other birth parent. If the child to be adopted is 12 years of age or older, his or her consent must also be obtained. In addition, a relative may adopt a minor child if the necessary consents of the birth parents are obtained.

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If the birth parent agrees in writing to the termination of his or her parental rights, then a stepparent may file a petition to adopt. The procedure is straightforward if the necessary consent is given. Give us a call at (813) 59-1224 for a case evaluation.

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If the birth parent refuses to give his or her consent and that birth parent has abandoned the child by failing to pay support or undertake any of the normal activities that show an interest in being a parent to the child, then the Court can terminate such a parent's parental rights over his or her objection. The objecting birth parent is entitled to notice of the case and to participate in the case with or without a lawyer. To learn more, call Johnnie Byrd and David Barnhill now at (813) 759-1224.

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