Plant City Probate and Guardianship Lawyers

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Our Plant City probate and guardianship lawyers are ready to assist interested persons in making sure that they receive experienced and knowledgeable representation in all probate and guardianship proceedings, including:

Probate Cases

From basic estate planning to will contests, the probate attorneys at Byrd & Barnhill can assist you. We prepare simple wills, powers of attorney, healthcare surrogate designations, and living wills. If you need an attorney to probate a will and handle the administration of an estate, give us a call or send us your information for a free case evaluation.

Guardianship Cases

Persons who are mentally or physically incapacitated may need a guardian to handle their affairs. Also, children who have assets often need a guardian. The process of appointing a guardian begins with the filing of a petition to determine incapacity, followed by the application to be appointed guardian.

Will Contests & Claims

There are times when a dispute arises as to whether a document purported to be the last will and testament of a deceased was, in fact, the legal will of the deceased. Wills can be contested for a number of reasons, but in every case there are short time limits on the ability to contest a will. Act now!


Revocable trusts are sometimes called "Living Trusts" and such a trust can be an excellent way to create an estate plan that avoids the costs and delays of probate, not to mention retaining privacy for your family. Creating and properly funding a revocable trust requires the guidance of an experienced estate planning attorney at Byrd & Barnhill.

Guardianships & Incapacity

Persons who are unable to handle their financial affairs or activities of daily living may need to have a guardian appointed. The process can be complex and the advice of an experienced guardianship attorney can help you through the process.

Power of Attorney

Planning ahead for the possibility of becoming incapacitated will save your loved ones the agony and expense of guardianship proceedings. It is important to give a trusted person a power of attorney BEFORE you become incapacitated.

Probate & Estates

The probate and estate attorneys at Byrd & Barnhill are able to handle the administration of estates and the probate of the last will and testament of persons whose estates must be administered in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk and Pasco Counties. There may be alternatives to formal administration through summary administration.

Last Will & Testament

The probate and estate planning lawyers at Byrd & Barnhill will help you plan for how you estate will be handled with a view toward avoiding the costs of probate. We also will help you prepare a power of attorney, healthcare surrogate designation and living will to protect you if you become incapacitated and unable to handle your affairs.